Thank you from Ellen

Dear Immanuel Family:
Thank you so very much for the beautiful farewell gathering this past weekend. The food and decorations, the hugs, cards, notes and generous gifts and the singing, oh the wonderful singing… I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of hospitality and love. Thank you!
It has been my honor to serve at Immanuel for the last 22 years. Leading the music alongside of so many faithful, talented, servant-hearted people who answered the call to play and sing in the choirs and bands, has been an opportunity that I have felt so humbled by, and fortunate to have. From the organ and piano bench I have been able to witness and join with, an amazing congregation of people, singing praises to God week after week. From the bench I have been able to see people of all generations singing together, men, women and children, families, young and old, people in all walks of faith, scratchy voices and refined voices, broken and hurting people, people praising God in joyful times and sad times… together lifting a song that rivals no other. The song of our story, as loved people of God.
22 years ago when I came to Immanuel, it was this song that helped me climb out of the depths of a difficult time in my life. I arrived at Immanuel as a single mother going through a difficult divorce, a college drop-out, struggling with personal demons and the guilt of bad choices. It was the song of the family at Immanuel, the unconditional love, acceptance, and grace of God that you sang about, and lived out, that helped support me and my sons over the years. You, and the song you sang at every worship service and gathering, helped rescue and restore us to a joy in Christ that surpasses any other. For this I will be forever grateful.
God has truly blessed me to be a part of the wonderful Immanuel congregation and leadership. You have been brought together by God, in this very time and place, to care for each other and the people around you, with the song of the love of Jesus always on your lips. I will be praying for you, and ask that you pray for me, as we all continue to share the message of God’s love, in the places and spaces where God has called us. I love you all! Thank you!

To God be the Glory in all that we do!
Singing His Praises,