Immanuel Lutheran Church Back to Worship

Dear Immanuel family,

Over the past weeks, church board members have met and developed actions and precautions which are meant to reduce and control the COVID19 risks while attending a worship service.  These steps have been developed based on guidance from the U.S. Center for Disease Control, the Illinois Department of Public Health, and are described below.  Because worshiping under these conditions is significantly different that our worship prior to COVID19, please read the descriptions below prior to attending a service.  We understand that even with taking these actions, some people may not feel comfortable attending worship at this time and for this reason we will continue to provide internet streaming of services.  


Worshipers should ensure their health prior to attending services by taking their body temperature and not attend the service if they are experiencing a fever or feel ill.  

Worshipers over the age of 2 are expected to wear facial masks while in the church building.  Please come with your personal facial mask.  A limited number of facial masks will be available at the church.

To help maintain social spacing, please plan to arrive up to 15 minutes prior to the start of the service.

Elders and Ushers assisting with the service will have their body temperature confirmed upon arrival and will wear gloves as well as facial masks.    

Pastors will wear masks and remove them only when distanced.

The drinking fountain will be roped off and bottled water will be available.  

Washrooms will be available.

Cleaning of frequently touched services will be done after each service.

Hymnals and Bibles have been removed from the pews.  

The order of service will be displayed on the projector screens and e-mailed prior to the service for home printing or viewing with digital devices.  A limited number of large print bulletins will be available.  

If communion is offered, the elements will be distributed in a pre-packaged cup.  Grape juice and gluten free bread will be available.  If assistance in opening a package is needed, please ask an Elder or Usher for help.

Pre-post service beverages and snacks will not be available.  Children’s busy bags will not be available.


To better control the spacing of people, we will be entering the church only through the large double doors on Grove Street.  As weather permits we will leave these doors open to avoid touching door handles.  You will be able to hang up coats and jackets as needed.  

If communion is being offered in the service, pick up the individual pre-packaged communion elements on the table in the narthex.    

Please wait for an Elder or Usher to direct you to an available seat.  The church seating will be filled from the center aisle beginning in the front and working toward the back.  Family groups will be asked to sit together.  To maintain distancing we will seat people in every other pew.  Different parties may be seated in the same pew but on opposite ends.  


Service times and formats

  • 4:30 – traditional 
  • 8:00 – traditional
  • 10:00 –contemporary 

There will be no congregational singing.  Singing will be done by a lead worshiper.  

During communion if you need assistance in opening the elements container, please ask for help from an Elder or Usher.

Children will remain in pews during any children’s message.


Please wait for an Elder or Usher to direct you to leave your pew.  Exiting will be from the back to the front through the outside aisles.  The north aisle will exit the building via the SW Carpenter Street door.  The south aisle will exit the building via the Grove Street door.  

There will be drop off for tithes and offerings in each aisle.

There will a disposal drop off for communion cups in each aisle.

Please avoid socializing in the building and proceed outside after the service.

If you are diagnosed with COVID19 within 14 days after attending a service, we ask that you notify the church.  Your privacy will be maintained but the church will notify the congregation of the report.