Dear Friends,
Here is your copy of the “Fellowship with Friends” 2017-18 program. “Fellowship with Friends” (formerly “Golden Gems”) is open to all those 55 years of age or older. One does not have to be a member of Immanuel Congregation to participate.
“Fellowship with Friends” meets one Thursday each month at Immanuel Lutheran Church, 5211 Carpenter Street, Downers Grove. Beginning with lunch (pot-luck or lunch provided) at noon, we are usually on our way back home between 2:30-3 p.m. “Fellowship with Friends” gives seniors the opportunity to enjoy the company of others, learn new things, and have some fun.
You will note that in addition to our regular meetings we have set aside three days for a movie.
Please consider this your Personal Invitation. You are encouraged to bring a friend along with you.
If you have any questions please contact me by phone or e-mail. My contact information is given below. If you need transportation give me a call and we’ll try to provide transportation.
Your Brother in Christ and Fellow Senior,

Dave Kluge, Pastor Emeritus
Phone: 708.447.9350


“Fellowship with Friends”
2017-18 Program

Keep This Schedule by Your Calendar for Your Convenience

September 14: Lunch Provided                
Topic: Game Day: “The Price Is Right”
A good time was had by all last September as we bid on various “prizes”. Once again you have the opportunity to “come on down” and bid on prizes of untold value. It also gives us a chance to socialize and become acquainted. Leader: Pastor Dave

October 12: Lunch: Pot Luck
Topic: “A Visit to India”
Pastor Nate will share his travels and how the good news of Jesus is spreading rapidly in India, the second most populated country on earth and one of the least reached with the Gospel.

October 19: Movie Day, 10 a.m.
Feature: “The Shack”
Based on the book of the same name, the story centers on Mack Phillips who is filled with doubts and still grieving after a family tragedy. He revisits the place of the tragedy and comes upon a shack in the Oregon wilderness. What Mack finds will transform his life. (Produced: 2017. Time: 2 hrs 12 min)

November 9: Lunch Provided
Topic: “The Solar Eclipse”
Immanuel member, Margaret Trinklein, will give a presentation on the causes and effects of a solar eclipse (annular, total and partial), and the viewing path of solar eclipses across the United States in 2017, 2024, and 2045. She will also illustrate ways to safely view a solar eclipse and share her pictures of this year’s eclipse as seen on August 21 from a sight in Idaho.

December 14: Lunch: Pot Luck
Topic: “A Medieval Christmas Special”
Once part of pagan Roman feasts, The Boar’s Head has been part of the Christian observance of Christmas since the Middle Ages in England. For a number of years St. John Lutheran Church, Forest Park, presented The Boar’s Head as part of the congregation’s Christmas celebration. Pastor Kluge will present a video of the 2006 performance. Beginning in a Medieval castle, The Boar’s Head ends with the adoration of the Magi. It is both entertaining and spiritually uplifting. We will conclude our day by singing a few Advent-Christmas carols. (Video: 1 hr. 15 min.)

January 11: Lunch Provided
Topic: “Felony Franks”
This is a follow-up on the presentation last season by Paul Eichwedel, a former convict, who is actively engaged in helping former convicts. Our presenter, Mr. Deno Andrews, is the owner of Felony Franks hot dog eatery on North Ave. in Oak Park. He will share why he hires former convicts to work in his restaurant.

January 25: Movie Day, 10 a.m.
Feature: “Music of the Heart”
Based on the true story of violin teacher, Roberta Guasparim (Meryl Streep), who created a high school music program “out of thin air” in East Harlem. At time emotionally charged, the movie sticks to the facts as they happened. (Produced: 1999. Time: 2 hrs 3 min)

February 8: Lunch: Pot Luck
Topic: “A Music Potpourri ”
Mr. Paul Lindblad, long time cantor of St. John, Forest Park, and director of the Oak Park Concert Chorale will present a program of music relating to church hymnbook and music. You will find Mr. Lindblad to be a gifted and knowledgeable church musician.

March 8: Lunch Provided
Topic: The Gospel in Art
Many of us grew up hearing the same Gospel lessons read in church year after year prior to the adoption of the current three year series used in most churches today. These lessons are known by many as the “historic Gospels”. The German artist, Paul Sinkwitz (1899-1981), did a series of woodcuts depicting these historic Gospels. Pastor Kluge will share his collection of these woodcuts with us.

April 12: Lunch: Pot Luck
Topic: Game Day ~ Trivia with Ken
Ken Hadler will once again try to stump the group with a collection of trivia. As we did last year we will use our collective knowledge to answer his questions; providing for lots of fun and fellowship.

 April 19: Movie Day, 10 a.m.
Feature: “Hidden Figures”
Based upon historical events, “Hidden Figures” is a biographical drama about African American female mathematicians who worked at NASA during our nation’s space race with Russia. Nominated for numerous awards it was produced in 2016. (Time: 2 hrs 12 min)

May 10: Lunch Provided
Topic: PreSchool Spring Program
Our season comes to a close as we share some time with the children of Immanuel Preschool. The details are yet to be worked out but time spent with these children is always a delight. A special surprise is planned for all in attendance, adults and children.

For our consideration…

February 22: Pinochle Day, 10 a.m./1 p.m.
Attention all pinochle players. Plan to spend a fun filled morning/afternoon at Immanuel as we face off against others in the game of pinochle. If pinochle isn’t your game bring a game along…together with guests…and enjoy great fellowship and fun.