High School Youth Ministry @ Immanuel


Immanuel Youth for Christ

…is the high school student ministry at Immanuel Lutheran Church.

It is ministry to, with and by high school teens and their friends.

Our vision is that the IYC will be…

a place where you won’t be judged or put down…

a place to bring and get together with friends…

a place to worship and get to know Jesus…

a place to build your faith and help each other deal with life…

a place to bond…

a place to grow as disciples by serving others…

a place to have the best kind of fun!!!

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When does the IYC meet?

Sunday night is IYC Night! The youth room is open beginning at 6pm, and our meeting kicks off around 6:15. This gathering includes most if not all of the following elements each week-recreation, fellowship, food, study and discussion, along with a devotional time, singing and prayer. The evening wraps up around 9:00pm. Various events and activities sometimes take the place of IYC Night, as noted on the IYC Event Calendar.

Where does the IYC meet?

Most meetings start in the youth room on the lower level at Immanuel, below the library.

Do I have to be a Lutheran or a member of Immanuel to come?

Any high schooler is welcome at IYC meetings, events and trips. In fact, friends and other visitors often add a lot to our meetings! Call Tom at 630-968-3112 if you have any questions about visiting a meeting or event.

Are there any other activities?

The biggest event of the year is our summer mission trip that we call Workcamp. It is an awesome week-long hands-on adventure of serving the needy and our Lord. For summer 2014 we are heading to Michigan for the Midland Challenge Workcamp, and we expect a crew of around 60 teens and adults.

“Coffie Filters” is a weekly get-together for teen girls in junior high and high school. They meet at Caribou Coffee in downtown Downers Grove from 6-7pm during the school year, and do a book study in the summer months.

Additionally, we make a spring and fall pilgrimage to Walcamp, a great camp nestled in wood and cornfield, for a weekend getaway of growing in faith and friendship. Other outings such as the Warren Dunes Trek happen throughout the year, as noted on the IYC Event Calendar.

What else is offered for spiritual growth?

Teens are invited to join “Diving Deep… in the Word”, which is designed to help each of us form the habit of connecting with God through his Word.

“Diving Deep” is a reading plan taking us through the Bible book by book, with readings 4-5 days a week. You will spend about 10 minutes each day in the Word- a brief but significant “God Moment” that will give our Lord an opening to shift your focus, change your outlook and draw you nearer to Him. Head to Diving Deep at this link for the current reading plan or to learn more.

You can sign up for an every-weekday “God Moments” text of a meaningful Bible passage. It’s so great to start your day with a dose of God’s Word- it can change your focus and outlook in just the brief minute it takes to read! Contact Tom to subscribe…

How can I know exactly what’s going on and coming up?

Visit iycupdate.blogspot.com. This site is updated each week before the weekend, and includes links to a calendar, galleries and other essential info. You can also email Tom to get on the weekly email update list, or pick up a hard copy of the IYC Update at Immanuel. Come to think of it, you can also call Tom and actually talk to him at 630-968-3112 extension 106.

Is there any way to get involved or help out?

If you’re out of high school, you can apply to become a leader or volunteer whether you’re a parent, retiree, college student, young adult or anything in between.

If you’re in 10th through 12th grade, you can apply to be a part of the IYC Leaders-In-Training team, where members seek to grow their servant leader skills and put them to use in their church, school, community and relationships. Help is also needed for fundraising, communications, mailings and keeping the youth room habitable.

Contact Tom Lithio to discuss any of these possibilities.


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