Thank you to everyone who put together gift bags for Reclaim 13.

We we’re able to deliver 100 bags!!
What an amazing show of God’s love to young women in desperate need!

Local Help for Human Trafficking Victims.
Reclaim13/Cherish House Love, support and emotional healing

We tend to think of human trafficking as an international problem that occurs primarily in developing countries and, indeed, the problem is vast in poverty-stricken areas where few protections exist for the vulnerable members of society. But the sad truth is that exploitation of human beings occurs even in advanced areas of the world, including the United States. And yes, even Chicago and DuPage County! Chicago is a national trafficking hub ranking 5th in the nation among trafficking sites.

“Reclaim13/Cherish House works toward a world where all children are safe from abuse and exploitation. The Cherish House is a part of our vision to create a safe, healing place for trafficked children.”